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A two in one hair mask that is both an intense conditioner + care extender designed specifically for your dry, brittle hair.

A dual chamber mega mask intended to provide deep, intense conditioning, and a care extender that lasts up to 3 washes. Part of the SMART Haircare family, the All Soft Deep Conditioning Mega Mask for dry hair has the power of the RCT Protein Complex to restore softness, shine and suppleness.

A smart, targeted delivery system, the exclusive new RCT Protein Complex treats hair from the root to the core to the tip, giving all 3 levels the custom nourishment they need.


  • Dual chamber design includes 2 different formulas to provide ultimate vibrancy
  • Provides 15x more conditioning (All Soft Shampoo, Conditioner and Argan-6 Oil vs. a non-conditioning shampoo)
  • Restores softness, shine, and suppleness.
  • Soy protein - helps add structure by sealing in moisture and boosts body.
  • Arginine - helps condition hair by stimulating the scalp.
  • Sepicap - helps restore the look of ends.

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