Heat Protectant – Is it worth it? Do I need it?

You may wonder whether a heat protectant actually works and if are they worth using? The answer to this is a big YES.

You may be using all the best shampoos and conditioners yet wonder why your hair still looks dull and lifeless-

The reason for this is because heat styling tools will remove the moisture out of your hair. This is especially noticeable if we aren’t using anything to protect the hair such as a heat protectant and replacing the moisture that heat styling is zapping out of the hair.

A heat protectant will act as a barrier and protection over your hair allowing your hair stay healthy, hydrated and assist to minimise damage.

Most hair straighteners and other styling tools such as curling Irons heat your hair up anywhere between 95 and 210 degrees. When your hair is being heated beyond 130 degrees your hair has entered the damaged zone. This why using a heat protectant is an essential part of your hair care routine. The overuse of heat can also have a huge effect on your colour appearance and longevity. For example, colour fading faster and blondes going brassy and warm.

The benefits to using a heat protectant aren’t just protecting your colour and preventing damage, it also prevents water evaporation which help to seal in moisture. This will also help to reduce frizz and give any styling you have done lasting power.

Whilst a heat protectant is essential and will give you protection it doesn’t mean that you can style away without being cautious of how often you use heat or how hot you have your Irons. Please practice safe styling and have your iron set to a temperature suitable for your hair type. For fine hair we recommend 170-175 degrees and for thicker course hair 185 degrees. We also suggest using other products in conjunction with your heat protectant to ensure that the integrity of your hair is kept.

There are many heat protectants that we love here at Black2blonde.